#MomLife Part 2

A few years ago, when my oldest turned 18yrs old. I was like woot woot I’m FREE lol. I can probably live outside US or some place more quiet and nature friendly (am I getting old? Lol 😂) I felt like I’ve lived a full life and Jesus can take me anytime now ha ha

Well, December 2019 I found out I was pregnant with my now Beautiful Baby Grace my Joy and Heart ❤️ I knew few years ago there will be a shift but not knowing it will be another child (thought I was one and done) but God has a plan and it’s perfect.

Throughout my pregnancy God showed me unbelievable Grace, Mercy and Prosperity in all areas of my life. 🦋 eventhough gettin pregnant for the second time out of wedlock was such a heartbreaking circumstances...God showed up in a grand way! From this moment on, my faith has leaped so much and my will is no longer mine but FULLY SURRENDERED to HIS! 🙏 Then as we know the Apocalypse happened 2020....so much wickedness has been exposed and the devil is after our children our young people! (If you didn’t know you better WAKE UP NOW, before you lose yours and your seed to this evil agendas).

My faith was never shaken because God prepared me for such a Time as This! But some of the people I follow 👀 was the very ones God exposed. I have stayed away from a lot of influencers.(Pastors, Singers, Celebrities, Politicians, Businesses and heck even friends and family) 😞

To make the long story short, I choose to dedicate this next season , next half of my life to my baby Grace. I knew God formed her in my womb for such a time as this because this Fight is more intense.. God needed me to have a Strong WHY to go after the evil ones to Protect not only my children but everyone else. 💪

Calling All Momma Warriors if you TRULY love ❤️ your children ..Do whatever it takes to give them the FUTURE they deserve...this is not the time to shrink back and give up our God given rights and responsibilities to the wickedness of this world 🌎 but to fight from the very fiber of our being for our children’s souls!

As for me and my house we will serve Yahweh all the days of our lives! #YeshuaHamashiach

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